Congress: Make big investments in electric vehicles & public transit -- to meet our climate, jobs, & justice goals!

**Don't forget to add your own personal message -- what pollution-free, reliable, and affordable public transit and cars, trucks, & rail would mean for you!**

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We're in a once-in-a-generation moment that calls for transformative action and investment to address systemic racism, climate catastrophe, and economic injustice. 

The transportation sector -- cars, trucks, buses, and trains -- is the leading source of carbon pollution in the U.S. Toxic fumes and pollution from bustling highways and city buses disproportionately poison communities of color across the country.

As Congress finalizes the details of the infrastructure package this summer, we must ensure robust investments in a pollution-free, affordable transportation sector are included. This means:  

  • Fully electrify our public transit buses, school buses, and commuter rail.
  • Expand access to affordable, reliable, and clean public transit and rail.
  • Make electric vehicles more affordable -- replace gas cars and trucks with U.S.-made, union-built, pollution-free vehicles.
  • Invest in bike lanes and electric car charging station infrastructure. 

These aren't just talking points -- such investments will have life-saving impacts for people across the country. Electrifying all public transit would prevent over 4,000 deaths from air pollution, cut 21 million metric tons of climate pollution, and create about 1 million good jobs. 

These crucial transportation investments -- along with other infrastructure measures like tax credits for wind and solar energy, replacing 100% of lead pipes for clean drinking water for all, retrofitting public housing, schools and hospitals, and much more -- put us on a path for a more equitable clean energy future. 

Tell your members of Congress to go big & bold in their infrastructure package and align it with the THRIVE Act -- prioritizing equity, labor, and climate standards. Don't forget to add your own personal message -- what pollution-free and affordable cars, buses, and trains would mean for you!

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