Pres. Biden & Admin. Regan: Set strong clean air protections for public health and environmental & climate justice

outdoors Massachusetts-Deb Pasternak-year-attribution required.jpgThrough the authority of laws like the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the power to regulate deadly or harmful pollutants.

The Biden Administration has a responsibility and imperative to advance justice while reducing air pollution to create a more livable future. 

Over the next year, the EPA will take comments from the public on a slew of new proposals to cut pollution from dirty power plants, oil and gas drilling, and cars and trucks. These proposals include tightening the emission standards for methane, and dangerous smog and soot pollution. This will protect our air, water, health, and climate in our cities and towns locally and across the nation.

Unfortunately, big polluters are also closely watching the EPA and are exerting all of their insider power. Their goal? To make these rules as weak as possible to give them the ability to pollute and make more profit. 

But we know that EPA Administrator Michael Regan and the whole Biden administration is listening -- and they need the public’s support to set the strongest standards possible. The more pressure we put through written comments and public hearings, the more likely our government officials will enact policies to meet the scale of the climate crisis, the urgency of racial justice, and to improve the health of our neighbors and communities. 

Add your name and a personal comment on this page to urge EPA Administrator Regan to deliver the strongest standards possible that protect public health, tackle the climate crisis, and advance justice!


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