More communities need access to nearby nature: tell your senators to cosponsor the Outdoors for All Act!

The Outdoors for All Act (S. 448) will create and improve state and locally-owned parks and other outdoor recreation areas, particularly in nature-deprived communities. People from all over the country currently face barriers like lacking usable facilities or accessible pathways. Everyone deserves to access the benefits that green spaces and parks provide, like cleaner air and opportunities to run and play.

If passed, this legislation will protect and formally guarantee the continuation of a federal program (the Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership) that builds and maintains parks and green spaces. Specifically, this program especially helps urban communities that historically have been denied access to nature.

Contacting your senators will highlight the importance of equitable access to the outdoors and build critical support for this important bill. In the United States, 100 million people, including 28 million children, do not live within walking distance of a quality public park.

Send a personal message today and urge your senators to co-sponsor the Outdoors for All Act!

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