Take Action to Stop Dangerous Gas Exports

The Biden administration took bold action to protect our climate and communities by temporarily pausing new export approvals of liquefied methane gas facilities, known as LNG, while they review the process by which they determine if these facilities are in the public interest. The global scientific consensus is already clear -- increasing reliance on fossil fuels is not in the public's interest. Neither are the extreme economic, environmental, and health impacts caused to the communities forced to live with the LNG export terminals. 

This pause is a crucial step, but it is NOT a ban on LNG.

Right now, the US is the largest exporter of gas in the world, and the Department of Energy (DOE) has already authorized enough gas exports to triple its current levels.

The LNG pause is our opportunity to shape the analysis that President Biden and the DOE consider when looking at new methane gas exports moving forward. They have the authority to deny these gas export permits, and the obligation to say “no” when the impacts and harms of these facilities outweigh their benefits to the public. Updated review process must include: 

  1. An evaluation of the full risks of LNG exports, including environmental justice impacts, harm to the health of local communities and critical ecosystems, and increased prices for American families. This includes concluding a comprehensive review under the U.S. National Environmental Policy Act with a rigorous, cumulative environmental and climate justice analysis that details environmental and community harms across the whole supply and delivery chain.
  2. Meaningful and robust public participation, including public hearings and consultation with impacted communities, to ensure that people's comments and contributions are included in the outcome. 
  3. A review of the impact LNG has on displacing renewable energy globally using the latest science, not just relying on outdated assumptions that LNG would replace dirty fossil fuels like coal, as we transition to a clean energy future.

We got this pause in new LNG export licenses because more than 400,000 people spoke out, but more is needed. With your help, we will stop dirty and dangerous gas exports once and for all.


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