Tell Travelers Insurance: Don’t Insure Oil and Gas projects in the Arctic

It's time insurance companies respond to the climate crisis, recognize Indigenous rights, and stop insuring oil and gas projects in the Arctic Refuge. 

Help us reach 15,000 25,000(!)! We're delivering the petitions with thousands of others collected by a coalition of groups to the Travelers' headquarters in Connecticut.

Not only does working with these companies fly in the face of combating climate change, but it also threatens to irreparably damage the sensitive plant and animal species that call this region home. Drilling in the Arctic not only threatens wildlife. For the people that live in the region like the Gwich’in, protecting the places like the Arctic Refuge means protecting their culture and their subsistence way of life. 

There is too much at stake, and Travelers can be on the right side of history with the right policies in place. They already have a policy against insuring coal and tar sands extraction projects. Now it's time for them to take that climate commitment to the next level! Travelers should say NO to working with any oil or gas company who wants to drill in the Arctic and help protect this sacred place for good.

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signatures of 25000 goal

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