Demand Stronger Protections for Forests, One of Our Most Powerful Climate Solutions

In 2022, President Biden issued an executive order to protect mature and old-growth trees on federal lands across the country. This was a major milestone, charting a course to create forest protections that environmentalists and local communities have fought for for decades. 

The US Forest Service is on the cusp of protecting old-growth in every National Forest. This exciting outcome is thanks to advocates like you, who submitted more than half a million comments last summer supporting a strong rule to protect mature and old-growth forests. Thank YOU for helping to protect our forests! 

But we’re not done yet, and the clock is ticking. Now, we need the US Forest Service to fulfill the President’s commitment to preserve existing old-growth forests and ensure we recover more old forests by protecting mature trees. 

For far too long, profit-driven corporations have looked at our oldest forests only for the value of their timber. But the value of old-growth and mature forests is much more significant. Mature forests -- or "future old-growth" -- represent the majority of the national forest system and, overall, hold the majority of the forests' stored carbon. Protecting these trees would protect our clean water and clean air, safeguard wildlife habitats, and offer a much-needed buffer against the worst impacts of the climate crisis. 

The biodiversity and climate crises are closely intertwined, and this administration has set ambitious goals to address them. We know the magnitude of the solution must match the magnitude of the challenge. President Biden took an important step with this proposed amendment to protect old-growth forests from logging, and now we need to finish the job. To fully address these twin crises — and fully deliver on the President’s commitments — we need lasting protective measures for forests that safeguard both mature and old-growth trees. 

The administration set a bold, but necessary, goal to finally protect mature and old-growth forests for the myriad benefits they provide. It's up to us to make sure the Agency finishes the job and meets their commitments. 


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