Volunteer to break the barriers to electric vehicle adoption!
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Volunteer to break the barriers to electric vehicle adoption! Register

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Fri, May 3, 2019  8:00 AM  (Eastern) - Sun, Jun 30, 2019  11:59 PM  (Eastern)

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05/03/2019 8:00 AM 06/30/2019 11:59 PM Volunteer to break the barriers to electric vehicle adoption! Rev Up! Hieu Le hieu.le@sierraclub.org MM/DD/YYYY amOUuwqNAzpGSXwtHmnd12740

Organized By: Sierra Club

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Hieu Le
   (916) 728-8579

What's it like to shop for an electric car in America today? Let's find out! 

In 2016, Sierra Club volunteers visited more than 300 car dealerships around the country to record their experience shopping for an electric vehicle. The results showed us that dealerships had a lot to learn about how to sell cars that don't run on fossil fuels. Has anything changed since 2016? 

RSVP now to volunteer to call or visit one or more car dealerships to ask about electric vehicles.

Sierra Club is launching a nationwide campaign to put more electric vehicles on the road and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Volunteers like you are a key part of making this big campaign a success. It's easy to help!

  1. Look over suggestion on our Rev Up FAQ 
  2. Visit or call your local car dealership 
  3. Ask about and/or test drive electric vehicles
  4. Fill out a brief survey to reflect on your experience

This is your chance to improve our climate and health and put more electric vehicles on the road. It's also an awesome opportunity to learn more about electric vehicles and test drive some options! If you're interested, here's the first Rev Up Electric Vehicles Report from 2016.
Sign up today and let us know when you can give your local car dealership a call or visit. 

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