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Sat, Jun 1, 2019  11:00 AM  (Local Time)

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06/01/2019 11:00 AM Tour of Paul's Organic Farm Join us for an educational tour of Paul's Organic Farm in Holland, NY. First we will get a tour of the Aquaponics/Greenhouse, followed by a Farm Tour, and finished with a tour of the wind farm on the property! 42.65971900,-78.61511900 John Szalasny MM/DD/YYYY amOUuwqNAzpGSXwtHmnd12740

Organized By: Niagara Group

Location: Paul's Organic Farm
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Event Organizers:
John Szalasny
   (716) 632-8823

Join us at Paul's Organic Farm for a day of tours followed by a Potluck (RSVP for Potluck here):

Aquaponics/Greenhouse Tour

The aquaponics/greenhouse tour explains how the entire system works, from culling the fish waste to filtering the water, fish waste as fertilizer, myths and truths about aquaponics, ebb & flow hydroponics, and where the industry is heading.

Farm Tour

The farm tour explains the difference between organic and inorganic gardening, what's involved in preparing different fields for different crops, irrigation, fertigation, pollination, and the challenges of treating pests organically.

Wind Power Tour

The wind power tour explains everything involved in erecting a turbine, including its operation, the federal and state benefits available, permitting issues, remote net metering, and viability.

Learn more about Paul's Organic Farm here.


Cost: Free

Signup Instructions: Join us for the tour, and if you're able, for the Potluck to follow! (See link above to RSVP for the Potluck)

Carpool: Reply with "yes" to the question above and email for more information.

Note: Carpool transportation is at the sole risk of the participants.

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