Volunteers Needed 4/27 and/or 4/28 for Whiskey Tango Fondo Register

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Sat, Apr 27, 2024; 12:00 PM (Local Time) - Sun, Apr 28, 2024  2:00 PM  (Local Time)

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04/27/2024 12:00 PM 04/28/2024 2:00 PM
Volunteers Needed 4/27 and/or 4/28 for Whiskey Tango Fondo

Come volunteer with us in the Eastern Sierra! We're partnering with the Range of Light Group!

Independence, CA 93526, USA

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Organized By: Angeles Chapter

Location: Independence, CA 93526, USA

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Event Organizers:
Jennifer Gregg
Elizabeth Neat
Morgan Goodwin

We are heading up to the Eastern Sierra during the weekend of April 27 & 28 to help out at at Whiskey Tango Fondo, the eastern Sierra's wildest gravel cycling event! Volunteers are welcome one or both days! Bring friends to volunteer with you!

We'll be joining the Range of Light Group for a full weekend of activities for participants and their families to enjoy. We'll representing the Sierra Club along the bike route, hosting a welcome booth, and gathering people around the fire for a chat about what the Sierra Club is doing to fight climate change.

This is a family friendly event. All ages are welcome to volunteer with us!

Opportunities to volunteer include:

  • hosting our Sierra Club booth at the festival - thousands of people will be there!
  • participating in the Sierra Club Campfire Chat at Portuguese Joe Campground in Lone Pine
  • taking on a shift at one of the cycling rest stop stations (the event organizer will donate money to us for each volunteer who signs up!)
Hotels and campgrounds are located in Lone Pine and Independence which are the towns closest to the event. Big Pine and Bishop are not too far away. Book your space now or make it a fun day trip.

Phil Gaimon is former pro-cyclist, author, and generous supporter of the Sierra Club. He is passionate about mitigating the climate change crisis and hosting events like this is his way of getting more people to fight this fight! 

Phil on Instagram
Phil on YouTube


Bring: friends!

Cancellation Policy: Activity is held rain or shine, but may be altered due to inclement weather

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